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Restorative, Prosthetic & Implant Dentistry


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Exceptional Expertise in Cosmetic, Implant and Restorative Dentistry
Ralph S McCracken Jr., DDS has been recognized for his diagnostic abilities, technical skills and dental artistry in providing patients with the highest quality dental restorations and cosmetic dentistry. All done in a caring, relaxed environment where the patients individual needs are the primary focus. Advancements in technology, dental materials and Implants make it possible to improve the quality of functional and cosmetic dental health in ways that were never thought possible. From a single veneer to a total dental reconstruction, you will experience the difference...

Why We Are Different

At Ralph S. McCracken, DDS we believe in getting to know the person before the teeth. Your expectations and concerns will be our highest priority, and will be listened to before you even sit in the dental chair. Our patients quickly become friends and tell us they actually come to enjoy their dental appointments. We take great pride in the mutually enjoyed relationship that develops between our patients and staff.

"From consultation to final visit, Dr. McCracken handled the procedure with professionalism and old-fashioned human connection. A very rare mix to find within the medical/dental community."

-Kathy Y.

"Traveling from Cape Cod to Holden for my dental needs is not easy, but the level of service, professionalism, and the results that I have experienced are definitely worth the trip."

-Nancy M

Choosing the Right Cosmetic Dentist

Choosing the right dentist means finding someone with the technical dental skill to give you the smile you desire, as well as someone who will be attentive to your dental anxiety and personal needs. Our "getting to know the person before the teeth" philosophy allows for your cosmetic, implant or general dentistry appointments to be as pleasant an experience as possible.



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